Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Awesome Fountains!

As many of you know, I am slightly obsessed with fountains.

And NYC is filled with them! There are fountains in front of buildings, on sidewalks, by memorials... and many other places you would least expect!

I guess it's the flow of water that makes me love fountains so much. It's such a peaceful feeling to sit by soothing water in the middle of a bustling intersection.  I often sit by my favorite fountain (#4) to read or write in my journal, or just observe the cacophony of the city around me.

Check out some of my favorite fountains (in no particular order):

Columbus Circle:
Credit: theweblicist.com
Located at Columbus Circle (59th St. and Broadway), this fountain is best experienced sitting at the base of the Christopher Columbus monument, and watching the water spurting from the fountain in a line-like appearance. You become entirely unaware of the traffic circling around you!

Lexington Avenue and 53rd Street
Credit: Flickr user Viridia
This amazing fountain greets you as you emerge from the Lexington Avenue and 53rd street subway station. Or perhaps I should call it a Waterfall. I love how it just cascades over the side, from street level down to the Subway level.

Central Park - Bethesda Fountain
Credit: NewYorkDailyPhoto.blogspot.com
Bethesda Fountain, located just passed the East 72nd Street entrance to the park, is one of the largest and most photographed fountains in the world. It is a huge tourist attraction and a popular filming location, so you will always find something interesting going on over here!

My Fountain
credit: nysonglines.com

I call this fountain "My Fountain" because it is the most wonderful fountain in all of New York City (in my humble opinion), and I also don't know its name. The beauty of this fountain is in its simplicity. The few spurts of water that sprout from the center of the large, rectangular surface, and the water that gently glides over the top, creating a clear, glass-like appearance. I love sitting by this fountain at night, watching the water and feeling so tiny surrounded by the enormous buildings towering above me. The fountain is located at 6th Ave and 50th St., across from the Radio City Music Hall.

To be continued... there's more to come!


  1. Wow I love your blog!

  2. You're so cute!
    -Friend from MHS.
    I'm enjoying this a lot - but I think on dates you should just tell the Shadchan where you want to go!


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