Monday, September 19, 2011


**Please note: this is not about Otters! Read the entire post, and you will understand :-).

I was on the A train a few weeks ago, and as we passed by the 14th street station, I saw the cutest thing ever!



I've been meaning to write about Tom Otterness ever since I saw an instillation of his public art in the water off of Roosevelt Island, and most recently in the 14th Street subway station.

Tom Otterness is an incredibly creative American sculptor with a fabulous name and a unique sense of style. I'm sure you've seen his work before around the city. He tends to create sculptures that touch on political issues, such as low-wage workers fighting against the capitalist machine in a new, strange city.

The exhibit at 14th street is called "Life Underground."


I would not want to be here during rush hour, because this little man is hogging a valuable seat.

Otterness has art all over New York City. Check out this playground! Who wants to come with me to play on this slide? Doesn't it look like fun?!


It is so cool to find Otterness in the most random places. Check out his exhibit called "The Marriage of Real Estate and Money" in the water (of all places!) off of Roosevelt Island:


I'm sure this exhibit has deeper meaning, so if anyone with more time wants to research it for me, please post your findings in the comments.

Check out this behind the scenes tour of Tom Otterness's studio in Brooklyn, courtesy of my favorite blog Scouting NY.

 I LOVE public art. It makes you stop, think and smile in the middle of a hectic day.


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