Sunday, March 18, 2012

Is this Really Manhattan?

It is so rare to see a house in the city that it always hits you as being completely out of place.

I wrote about Pomander Walk a few months ago. They were the only houses I've ever seen in Manhattan my whole entire life.

Until I went to Washington Heights a few weeks ago and discovered this:

Check out the house of the far left. Looks really interesting.

I did some research, and it has a really fascinating history.

Built in 1885, 670 West 187th was intended to be a one family house. It has three bedrooms, servants quarters in the attic, a kitchen, pantry, dining room, sitting room, and a large foyer. Novel at the time, this house also had indoor plumbing.

The oddest thing I found was evidence of many, many families who rented the house and then vacated the property within a few weeks.

I dug a little more, and found out that upon arrival, loads of strange things began to occur. Creaking sounds from an unoccupied attic, doors swinging open and shut on a windless night, and strange bangs and clangs from the basement. To make matters worse, there was a room in the house that had mysterious scratches along one wall.

Needless to say, many families opted towards finding other living arrangements than to occupy this house on 187th street.

Really, really weird.


But in fact, everything I just said above was completely fabricated. Totally made up (hehe).
I actually did no research (I don't know how to research properties). This house gives such a spooky look that my imagination completely took over.

Check it out in the summertime. How positively eerie!!

The house next door looks quite nice, but the one on the right also looks pretty disheveled.

Around the corner, on Wadsworth Avenue, I saw even more houses!

I seriously wonder about its history! Can anyone help me out?? Please?

A friend sent me this picture a few months ago of another cool "totally not-New York" scene:

In her message she wrote, "a front porch in New York City! 92nd between Lexington and Park!"
I also notice the red door, which I think is a really nice added touch.

Imagine sitting on the front porch of this house and drinking tea, doing some sewing, and watching all the traffic go by. What a difference from a typical country scene where such a porch would normally be found!

What a cool find!


  1. Check out Hamilton Grange National Memorial

  2. Wow!! Looks so cool!
    Spring Break activity :-)

  3. haha- I KNEW IT! I knew your research wasn't real!

  4. Leah, I used-to pass those houses almost every day...sorry I never found them as fascinating as you did. Your horror-story idea is very intriguing!
    Good for you for always seeing the wonder in commonplace locations...

  5. Hey Leah! Checking out your blog it's so fun to read. I'm really enjoying :) Rachael S


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