Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pomander Walk

As a young girl traveling on the school bus to elementary school, I remember passing this:


In my young mind, I labeled these houses as "the only houses in Manhattan." They were such a stark contrast to the tall buildings and elegant brownstones surrounding them in the neighborhood. 

Little did I know that what lay the other side was...

Cool, no?

I only discovered this quaint little village (95th St. and West End Avenue) a few weeks ago when I read about it in a local paper and then set out to discover it. I was disappointed to find it closed off to visitors (by a wrought iron gate), but was thrilled when a deliver man opened the gate to leave the village giving me exclusive access to this private oasis!

As I walked down the little path between the houses, I felt like I was transported to a different era, or perhaps another country. The homes are reminiscent of Tutor style homes built over a century ago. 

Yes, it does have a name: Pomander Walk. Or "New York's Best Kept Secret." Or "The Cutest Walk You've Never Heard Of."

For more information and a bit of history, check out:
"Pomader Walk - the Cutest Street You've Never Heard Of"

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  1. Hey Leah,
    Love love love this post and the adorable houses! You have to take me there sometime :) I think this might be my fave of ur finds, tho the 55 s.t street (oy I already forgot) with the garden on the roof also looks awesome. Keep posting! Chana


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