Wednesday, July 27, 2011

More fountains!

As promised, here are more of my favorite fountains. The hot weather has sure put me in the water mood!

Lincoln Center
Located in front of Avery Fisher Hall by Lincoln Center, this fountain gushes with water! I love how it changes its form every few minutes, and on some nights even has a light show!  Check out this great article about the Revson Fountain for more information.

55th St. and 6th Ave.
Credit: Flickr user JakeRichter
A few blocks north of "My Fountain" is this unbelievable surprise! I'm not quite sure what it is called (a fountain like this must have a name!), but it looks like a snowflake suspended in the air, spurting out water with an ethereal mist around it. *EDIT - this is in front of the Alliance Bernstein building on 6th Avenue, and there is a twin fountain on the other side of the plaza!

Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Located at 55 Water Street (the same building that hosts the Elevated Acre), the Vietnam War Veteran's Memorial is a beautiful commemoration of our fallen soldiers. The Reflecting Fountain is a soothing center for the plaza, where water gently flows over light stones set in polished black granite. This is one of the most calming fountains I have ever encountered.

In my experience, the best time to visit these fountains is at night, when they are lit up beautifully and fewer people are around. The fountains seem to come alive under their spotlights!

But wait! That's not all...

I found this fabulous picture of "My Fountain!" Enjoy! (And be sure to check it out - 50th St. and 6th Ave. It's much nicer in real life. Especially at night.)



  1. I think that "snowflake" fountain is supposed to be a dandelion!

  2. You're guess is as good as mine :-). I think dandelion is a good idea, though.


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