Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cobblestone, Flower Boxes and Colorful Doors

I found a treasure in Greenwich Village!

The treasure lies behind this brick gate which I discovered when I took myself on a walking tour of the neighborhood.

Credit: bridgeandtunnelclub.com

The treasure is a secret alley called Washington Mews.

Credit: forgotten-ny.com

This 19th century alleyway was originally a mews (horse stables) that serviced the homes in the area, hence the name Washington Mews. In 1916, they were remodeled as artist studios. Today, they are part of the New York University campus.

credit: nycppl.com

I was so excited when I came across this little cobblestone alleyway. The moment I stepped through the brick gate, I was transported to another era. I learned quickly that I must walk slowly through this alleyway (unlike my typical brisk city walk). I just strolled down the street and took it all in. I could almost hear the "clip-clop" of the horses trotting on the cobblestones.

Photo by Randy Aveille | Credit: www.examiner.com
Check out the colorful doors, and the flower boxes overflowing with a fantastic array of flowers in the windows.
Notice the ivy creeping up the walls, and the antique light fixtures above the doorposts.

Washington Mews is one of the last private streets still open to the public (many have gone under lock and key, open only to residents or special guests). Be sure to check it out!

Washington Mews is located off University Place just past 8th street in Greenwich Village.


  1. How charming! This doesn't look like it's in New York at all. It looks so European and quaint. How do you manage to find these cool places, Leah?

  2. Do you offer tours? :)
    You're making me really want to visit for something other than weddings!

  3. Really great pic of the colorful houses!:-) I can't believe this is in the city...


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