Monday, December 19, 2011

Coffee... and more Coffee (and Tea)

Guess what opened up today in my neighborhood!


Yeah, I know. There goes my money... I mean, what a great new studying spot!!!!

Apparently, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is a big hit out on the West Coast, so I was psyched to check it out when it finally opened in my neighborhood.

credit: (Susie)

I found the interior to be really beautiful, with a great atmosphere and good music. It also smelled really nice (you know that new store smell?).

I bought a White Chocolate Ice Blended.

Too bad it was 30 degrees out tonight. I was freeeeeezing by the time I finished, but it was worth it! (I'm not so into hot drinks, for those of you wondering why I didn't get one).

They also have great looking wraps, salads and sandwiches from Pomegranate in Brooklyn, and delicious looking baked goods from Butterflake bakery in Teaneck.

I guess the Upper West Side has a new hot-spot!
See you there!

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is located at the corner of 86th and Amsterdam.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Interesting Fruits and Weird Fish

I unintentionally went on an adventure. It was so cool!

Two friends were visiting me for a couple of days, and they needed to catch a bus downtown. Of course, I offered to accompany them.

We ended up in... CHINATOWN!!
(yes, they took the Chinese bus - quite an adventure in itself).


If you ever want to remain in New York City, yet feel like you've dropped into another country, definitely go to Chinatown.

My first venture into Chinatown was a few years ago when I did Grand Jury Duty in the NYC Criminal Court building a few blocks away. I didn't venture too far in.

But I found myself there once again a few weeks ago, and so I decided to explore!

Throughout American history, the Chinese have been subject to a lot of discrimination with immigration and labor rights. For example, the only racially based legislation that the US ever established was the Chinese  Exclusion Act that remained in effect from 1870-1943. So they began their own community in lower Manhattan.

Today, Chinatown is a huge tourist attraction, boasting various interesting eateries, shops, cheap trinkets and faux designer goods, as well as unusual fruits and vegetables and really weird fish.

I took a walk down Grand Street, possibly the busiest part of Chinatown, and dropped into a few shops along the way.

Look at that over there! (in the picture above)... I see something soo exciting!!! On the right... Look closer. See them?

I love persimmons... they are super delicious, and they are sold in abundance in Chinatown!

Along my walk, I stepped into a store that caught my eye. Looked interesting.

But then I looked closer.

(I made the picture smaller because I don't want you to have fish staring straight in your face).
And these fish were not even the worst of it! I saw some fish that I didn't even know could be consumed! Weird.

Anyway, I really just explored one teeny-tiny part of Chinatown. I hope to make my way down there again sometime soon and visit the really awesome parts of the little community. Anyone care to join?

Be sure to check out for more information about Chinatown.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

"Seasons on the Terrace"

I posted a few weeks ago about how much I absolutely love the changing seasons in New York.

I've been meaning to post this video for a long time - all about the changing seasons in Central Park. It is incredibly beautiful and very well done. What a treasure we have in New York! I really should go more often.


P.S. I so badly want to go ice skating at Wollman Rink in Central Park this winter! Who wants to come with me?