Monday, December 19, 2011

Coffee... and more Coffee (and Tea)

Guess what opened up today in my neighborhood!


Yeah, I know. There goes my money... I mean, what a great new studying spot!!!!

Apparently, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is a big hit out on the West Coast, so I was psyched to check it out when it finally opened in my neighborhood.

credit: (Susie)

I found the interior to be really beautiful, with a great atmosphere and good music. It also smelled really nice (you know that new store smell?).

I bought a White Chocolate Ice Blended.

Too bad it was 30 degrees out tonight. I was freeeeeezing by the time I finished, but it was worth it! (I'm not so into hot drinks, for those of you wondering why I didn't get one).

They also have great looking wraps, salads and sandwiches from Pomegranate in Brooklyn, and delicious looking baked goods from Butterflake bakery in Teaneck.

I guess the Upper West Side has a new hot-spot!
See you there!

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is located at the corner of 86th and Amsterdam.


  1. Yaaaaay! A little bit of LA has made it's way to the big city.

  2. Welcome to my world! Isn't Coffee Bean AWESOME??? In LA, there are a few CBs that are famous for being celebrity magnets. I'll show you around when you visit :)
    Oh, and a little 'insider info' - you can get great deals on CB gift cards at costco.

    ~ Serach


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