Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Amazing Sidewalk Art

I was walking along Broadway a few days ago, and I saw this:

Art... on the sidewalk?!

A few days later, again walking along Broadway on the same street, I saw this:
Ah hah! The artist caught in the act!

Yesterday, I walked by the same spot and saw this:
The magnificent finished work. 

When I think of chalk coloring on a sidewalk, I think of the hopscotch boards we used to make as kids, or the cute messages we would write for all to see. This takes it a whole new level!

Look at the details! Notice how it's all 3D... as if the hand is coming straight out of the sidewalk and into the world. The rainbow of colors are so bright and clear; it must have taken a really talented artist to create such a masterpiece.

Who is he, you ask?

After a quick Google Search I discovered that the artist's name is Hani Shihada, and he has been doing sidewalk art for the past 25 years. It takes a certain skill to create art on New York City streets, and with this skill Hani brings beauty and color to thousands of New Yorkers in their everyday lives. Hani himself says, "I do these works for your enjoyment."

Visit http://hanisidewalkart.com/ for more information.

Let me know if you spot Hani or any of his beautiful artwork around the city!

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