Friday, August 12, 2011

Secret Water Tunnel!

I decided to take a little detour on my way home from school today. Instead of transferring from the F train to the D and then to the 1 train, I decided to walk from the F train stop to the 1 train stop. (If you didn't understand that, that's ok. You need to be a seasoned New Yorker to understand Subway lingo).

As I walked down 50th street towards Seventh Avenue, I noticed a really cute little seating area in between two buildings!

Wait, what's that thing straight ahead? (Look closely at the picture, and you'll see what I'm talking about).

It looks like a tunnel... let's check it out a little closer:

It is a tunnel!

But a very unique, amazing, secret, WATER TUNNEL!!!

Located between 6th and 7th Avenues, this water tunnel is slim passageway through 48th to 49th streets.

As the water cascades down the slate wall over the tunnel, it splashes around the glass, creating a breathtaking and serene space.

It takes just a few seconds to pass through, but the tunnel has an unbelievably captivating effect. As I stood in the tunnel, I did not hear the cars honking, garbage trucks roaring or construction workers drilling... all I heard was water. It is an enchanting experience which lasts only for a second as you pass through.

All that's missing is fish swimming about in the water :-).

I love watching people pass through the tunnel and gasp in amazement at the effect. One guy was minding his own business, and as he passed through the tunnel he looked up in surprise. His eyes lit up, let out a laugh, and said with excitement, "this is so cool!"

Just another awesome secret in the middle of the fabulous New York City!

The Water Tunnel at 48th Street
48th to 49th Streets, between Sixth and Seventh Avenues

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