Friday, May 25, 2012

A Fountain's Acrobatics.. and an Awesome Surprise!

Last night, I babysat at a family in Lincoln Center (the same family who has the amazing view from their window).

On my walk over to their apartment, I passed the Revson Fountain, a very beautiful and creative fountain in the center of Lincoln Center. It was designed as a traditional fountain, and at set times to be a fountain show. Whenever I am in the neighborhood and I pass by the fountain, it is always in its "relaxed" form.

But as I passed the fountain last night, it was far from relaxed. The fountain was doing some serious acrobatics. I finally saw the fountain show!

A very impressive fountain :-).

Later that night, as I sat and studiously worked on a final paper for one of my classes, I was suddenly interrupted by some strange noises... 


I honestly thought there was a massive gun fight going on in Lincoln Center down below.

I looked out the window, and realized immediately that it was FAR from a gun fight...

There were FIREWORKS over the Hudson River! 
(Remember how I said the apartment has an amazing view? Shout out the E family for allowing me to feature your apartment's amazing view in my blog).

I haven't confirmed this, but I believe the fireworks were in celebration of Fleet Week which is going on right now.

Check out this video I captured of the awesome fireworks show:

The entire night sky literally lit up. It was so beautiful. What a nice treat! How often do you get to see fireworks when it isn't July 4th?

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