Saturday, April 28, 2012

Street Vendors

All around the city, vendors set up their wares on the city streets. Some sell very cheap looking goods, but every once in a while I will come across some vendors selling items that I absolutely love (and look quite expensive).

I'll tell you a secret - a lot of my beautiful costume jewelry has been bought at street vendors.

I love hand-made unique items, and usually the artists themselves sell the items. I like to talk to them about their products, how they come up with designs, how they make them, etc.

I picked up these stunning earrings last year, handmade by a local UWS artist:

But some jewelry sold by street vendors are handpicked at trade shows.

These earrings are my absolute favorite:

Sometimes I'll see a very unique table, like this one with adorable handmade sock puppets:

Keep your eyes peeled! You might find some great treasures. Let me know if you come across any cool finds.

Note: make sure that you buy from a licensed street vendor - they have a name-tag, so make sure the photo matches the face.

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