Monday, September 26, 2011

Music in a Dark Tunnel

The Scene:

On the E train home after a long day in school. I am settled comfortably in my seat with a school book on the 1920s (history class). The train is relatively empty.

I see an older man walk into the car, and take out a violin from a carry-case. He begins to play the most beautiful music; his skilled fingers catch every note to perfection. Beethoven, Haydn... and other pieces I recognize.

At the end of his performance, when he comes near me to collect, I ask him where he is from.

"Dominican Republic," he says.

And where was he trained?

"All over the world, but mostly in Germany."

Wow! It takes a lot to impress me when it comes to Subway performers (or solicitors), but I loved his music! Not everyday do you have skilled violinist make a private concert in your Subway car!

Anyone have any experiences with Subway performers?
What was the best/worst one you've seen?
What do you love/hate about Subway performers?

Post in the comments!

Side note: I just found this video online while searching for Subway performers -- weird, but I saw these same guys the other day, and this was filmed 3 years ago! (It's very nerve racking to see these guys perform like that on a moving train!!)

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