Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Relaxing Evening in Central Park

I live in an apartment building, which means that I don't have a backyard. But the truth is, I really do have a backyard, and it's much bigger than the backyards of my friends who live in suburbia.

Yes, I'm talking about the beautiful Central Park!

A few nights ago, I decided to venture out to my backyard and have a little picnic dinner. I packed up some food, a drink, napkins and eating utensils, and I was on my way.

My favorite place to make a picnic is at the Ross Pinetum - a quiet little area near the Great Lawn with a cute playground and lovely picnic tables nestled beneath magnificent pine trees. 

The Pinetum is home to over 425 Pine trees representing 27 species, creating a miniature Pine forest!

credit: Flickr user WallyG 

There are parts of Central Park where you still feel like you're in the city even though you're surrounded by trees and grass. But, there are other parts of Central Park where you feel completely lost in an oasis of greenery and can't imagine how a city exists a few hundred feet away. The Pinetum gives me that feeling; it  is incredibly peaceful, relaxing and beautiful.

Interestingly, a few steps away from the quiet Pinetum is the Great Lawn, the center of activity and excitement in Central Park! It is so easy to go from quiet oasis to noisy activity...

On this rolling 55 acres of beautifully manicured grass, there are a number of baseball diamonds, where on any given night you can watch an exciting amateur baseball game. Families bring their blankets and make picnics by the trees, and Frisbee tournaments are all the craze, as well! 

The Great Lawn was originally the Croton Reservoir, constructed in 1842, but was drained in 1931 when a water tunnel was built making it obsolete. 

I love being out with so many other New Yorkers, enjoying the warm summer evening in Central Park. We all share the park - it is one giant backyard. There are thousands of New Yorkers in one beautiful place - walking dogs, enjoying the scenery, listening to music, taking a hike... and just escaping the hustle and bustle of city life.

Central Park is one of the most wonderful places in NYC. Please comment!  And let me know if you would like me to mention any area in Central Park that you visited and fell in love with.

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