Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hudson River Park

On Tuesday night, my sister and I ventured down to the Hudson River Park, a stretch of greenery along the Hudson River in Lower Manhattan. Old piers have been skillfully reconstructed into modern parks with interesting water fountains (many of you know that I absolutely love fountains), landscaping, and architectural design. 

We went to listen to some fabulous classical music performed by students of the Mannes College/The New School for Music.

As you can see (sort of), the audience sat on the grass opposite the musicians.
The weather was magnificent and there was a welcome breeze from the river which made the experience all the more enjoyable.

This little girl was soo cute! She got up and danced directly in front of the performers! She completely stole the show!

There are all sorts of different interesting things happening at the Hudson River Park all summer long. Check out the website for more information!

If you've already been to the Hudson River Park, I'd love to know your thoughts. I've only been to Pier 45, so please recommend any additional sights you think I'd like to explore!


  1. As an exiled New Yorker living in the suburbs, I am feeling terribly jealous and homesick right now seeing all the cool things you can so easily do in the city!

  2. You are more than welcome to join me whenever you come into the city!


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