Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tap Dancing in NYC!

My mother and I went to see Savion Glover at the Joyce Theater in Chelsea tonight! He was amazing!!!

Who is Savion Glover, you ask?

Savion Glover is one of the best tap dancers in the world. I took tap dancing lessons for a few years (yes, I have my tap shoes to prove it!), and I have a deep appreciation of the intricacies that go into creating a great tap dance performance. Savion Glover is such a master tap dancer, his performance tonight seemed so natural - as if anyone could just get up and move the way he does (which is the sign of a very skilled tap dancer)! He danced with such passion and energy, it was absolutely incredible.

In the middle of the performance, my mother leaned over and whispered into my ear: "This show is like watching a mad, talented, possessed, creative genius!"

Take a look at this video, and you'll understand what she means:

Savion Glover is performing through July 9th at the Joyce Theater @ 175 8th Avenue.
Tickets can be purchased here:

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