Tuesday, August 16, 2011

AC + Subway Station = A Relief!

If you have traveled on the Subways during the summer, you will understand when I say that the stations are stifling hot!!!

The Subway stations in NYC are incredibly difficult during the summer. As I stand on the platform praying for the next train to arrive soon, I pace back and forth on the platform so I can create a small wind to cool me down. 

Subways stations are at least 10 degrees hotter than the street, primarily because there is no circulation, and also because of the exhaust from the Subway cars.

Last week, I discovered the one and only air conditioned subway station in New York City!

42nd and Lexington (4, 5, 6, 7 trains) is located beneath Grand Central Station. A brilliant person (to whom many New Yorkers are forever grateful) decided to pump the air conditioning that cools down Grand Central into the Subway station below.

The station does not have an "air conditioned" feel, but it most certainly is bearable! And if you stand in the right spot, you can get the impact of the air conditioned air from the vent. 

Happy traveling!

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